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Types of Preparations Available

Medications, natural medicines and nutritional products can be compounded into a variety of custom forms.
  1. Encapsulations are a familiar preparation. Our custom made encapsulations allow us to offer formulations and doses that are specific to the clients’ needs and not commercially available. We can break down pre-made products into smaller doses. This has been particularly helpful when medications must be taken during the school day, and school policy does not allow the administration of a partial capsule. Slow release encapsulations allow the effects of the medication to be extended over a longer period of time, permitting less frequent dosing. Our preparations do not include the excessive coloring agents, preservatives, fillers and chemicals found in other products on the market which may be problematic for chemically sensitive patients.
  2. Transdermal creams, lotions and gels are designed to actively transport agents across the dermis. The pharmaceutical world is just beginning to tap into the potential of this mode of administration and has seen great success with commercial products such as the nicotine and birth control patch. We take this innovation a step further, and have experience using the transdermal method for everything from bio-identical hormones to herbal blends. Magnesium sulfate cream is used by many of our pediatric patients to support liver detoxification while not aggravating or overloading the gut. Transdermal creams are used by our veterinary clients to bypass difficult oral dosing. It is also a method to consider for clients who may have trouble swallowing, or when local topical application of a medication is preferred
  3. For veterinary medications, animal treats can be crunchy or chewy (the consistency of a tootsie roll). To mask the drug or herb, the treats are flavored with chicken, liver, or fish. These are most successful with our canine clients, but we are also prepared to cater to feline and avian clients.
  4. Flavorings can be added to some pre-made products as well as products that we compound, which can make a huge difference for a non-compliant client. We use essential oils, vegetable glycerin, honey or honey-mint bases to sweeten a tonic, plus pharmaceutical grade flavorings such as orange, cherry, chocolate, marshmallow, crème de mint, and bubble gum.
  5. Gummies and lollipops are often a welcomed alternative for clients who may already be taking numerous pills. Gummies are a convenient way to include tonics in a children’s lunch box. Lollipops can provide extended topical application to the oral cavity. Both preparations can be flavored to match the patient’s taste preference. Quercetin gummies and lollipops are a favorite of our clients to lower histamine levels.
  6. Room sprays are a blend of essential oils, flower essences, water and alcohol. Essential oils are strong anti-microbial and sanitizing agents as well as aromatherapy tools. Practitioners use our essential oil room sprays as a cleaning agent between patients to sanitize the area, and to clear the air energetically so that each new client enters a fresh treatment space. Patients may use room spritzers to calm agitated or restless children prior to homework, at bedtime, or in the car.
  7. Therapeutic oils are a familiar tool for massage therapists and herbalists. Calamus Nasya is a mucolytic nasal oil for chronic sinus infections & congestion; Mullein-St.John’s ear oil reduces inflammation, infection, congestion within the ears; and Ayurvedic Herbal Massage oils are used for acute or chronic inflammation, pain within joints & muscles.
  8. Tinctures are concentrated alcohol extracts of herbs. They are a convenient form of taking herbs since the dose is usually measured in drops or fractions of a teaspoon that can be mixed into a glass of water or juice. They allow practitioners to blend together multiple herbs in a single formula that are specific for the client. Blue Mountain Apothecary makes its own line of tinctures and can assist practitioners in putting together a custom blend for a particular client. We have pre-made formulas such as our Allergy, Allergy - Immune, and Transition Tonic. We can compound alcohol-reduced or glycerin-based tinctures for children or clients who are sensitive to alcohol.
  9. Pain sticks are a more solid form of transdermal creams. Like the creams, they are designed to optimize penetration and absorption of the medication. The stiffness of this base allows the product to be dispensed in lip-balm or deodorant containers for “spot” or trigger point application.
  10. Troches, like lollipops, are another form of sub-lingual dosing with rapid buchal absorption. A troche is similar to hard candy and can be used either for topical application to the oral cavity or for partial absorption directly into the bloodstream.
  11. Medicated chocolate cubes can be used for drug or supplements that have a bitter aftertaste. Drugs or herbal ingredients are mixed with dark chocolate and poured into serving molds. Our gourmet chocolates are also gluten and casein free.
  12. Masking syrup made with dark chocolate and coconut or olive oils, allows parents to prepare at home a delectable treat for bitter medication or supplements.