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Nutrition Center Overview

Nutritional Supplement Categories
Nutritional products are inspected and pre-selected by our pharmacy & health care professionals.
  1. Women differ from men, so should their nutritional products! VitaScript specializes in nutritional supplements for females of all ages (adolescent, young adult, mature) to meet the nutritional demands throughout these phases of life.

    Multi vitamin/minerals
    Sports Nutrition
    Menopause Transition
    Bone Health
    Sleep & Relaxation
    Cardiovascular Health
    Cognitive Health
    Pain & Inflammation Management
  2. Men have their own nutritional needs! VitaScript specializes in nutritional supplements for men of all ages (adolescent, young adult, mature) to meet the nutritional demands throughout these phases of life. Learn more below.

    Multi vitamin/minerals
    Prostate Health
    Cardiovascular Health
    Cognitive Health
    Sports Nutrition
    Pain & Inflammation Management
  3. Quality nutritional products for children and adolescents can be a challenge to obtain due to poor taste, insufficient nutrient values and lack of variety for various age groups. VitaScript offers both, high quality nutritional products as well as compounded custom nutritional supplement formulas to meet the needs of any child. Our expertise includes challenges associated with special needs children.

    Infant Nutrition
    Adolescent & Teen Nutrition
    Special Needs Nutritional Strategies
    Compounded Custom Nutritional Products
    Physician Information
  4. VitaScript Pharmacy & Nutrition Center (formerly Blue Mountian Apothecary) specializes nutritional products and natural medications for autism. Dr. Lynn Shumake has over 20 years experience working autistic childrent and adults, their parents and physicians specializing in autism treatment.

    Nutritional Therapy for Autism
  5. Botanical based nutritional products can be excellent alternatives for wellness and a variety of health concerns. Our experts can assist you in selecting the best product to suit your needs including the following categories:

    Acute and chronic inflammation management
    Injury recovery
    Cardiovascular health
    Sleep and fatigue issues
  6. VitaScript's sports nutrition division, NutraSport, is your resource for sports nutrition from health care professionals. Please visit the NutraSport site at to find more information on sports nutrition products and services.
  7. Nutritional and natural medicines can be effective in the management of Lyme disease and its associated symptoms. For more information, contact our health care professionals to find out how we can work with you and your physician.
  8. Custom designed nutritional formulas can be created to suit specific needs as well as in a variety of forms (liquids, tablets, chewables, chocolates, etc.). Our specialty is creating products for pediatric and special needs nutritional supplements. Contact us to find out how our compounding pharmacy and nutrition center can work with you and your physician.